The Big Rock Tournament was thrilled to join City Council, city staff, and residents at Shevans Park playground in Morehead City on September 8th for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Construction of the new Shevans Park playground began around the new year and was finished in May. The city had hoped to debut the playground when it was completed, but it wasn’t until earlier this month when North Carolina issued it’s latest phased reopening plan that would allow Morehead City to officially open the new playground to the public. 

Thanks to the unwavering support from Big Rock participants, sponsors & supporters, The Big Rock Foundation made a $150,000 charitable contribution in the Fall of 2019 to the Town of Morehead City for a major upgrade to this popular town park. 

The new nautical themed playground features a climbable lighthouse, splash-pad, and several Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible amenities, including swings. 

We’ve been patiently waiting and we’re just so excited for it to finally open,” City Manager Ryan Eggleston told the News-Times Tuesday. “We’re especially delighted to have such an accessible playground for all to use.”

Mr. Eggleston said the city is developing a cleaning protocol, based on state guidance, for all its public playgrounds. He said all the city’s playgrounds were disinfected prior to opening back up to public use.

I’ve been told that patience is a virtue. I’ve also been told that good things come to those who wait,” Morehead City Mayor Jerry Jones said during his opening remarks at the ceremony. “…These good things don’t happen by themselves, it takes the support of the community, it takes leadership in our government and it takes the individuals.”


– Carolina Coast Online / Elise Clouser –