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2020 Charitable Donations
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Charitable Donations Since 1986


big rock charitable giving reaches $6.5 million.

The Big Rock Board of Directors and its Charity Committee have committed to a core group of charities in the community to receive consistent funding from the tournament. The entire process is driven by the fit between Big Rock’s five-point mission statement and the destination of the charitable funds. In addition to these yearly donations, the board also reviews new larger impact community projects. These donations are funded by the success of the tournament, our sponsors and retail sales.
 In 2020 the Big Rock Board was able to contribute $99,500 to their annual core donations and $551,000 to other charities in need. 


To promote sportfishing throughout Carteret County and the state of North Carolina.
To promote Conservation among Sportfishermen.
To raise money for Charities and Worthy Community Projects.
To preserve Maritime Culture and Heritage.
To promote Marine Education


additional 2020 charities

Another Perspective
Beaufort Historical Association
Boys and Girls Club of Coastal Plains
Broad Creek Middle School
Camp Albemarle
Carteret Community College
Carteret County Historical Society
East Carteret High School
Foundation for Shackleford Horses

Friends of Scouting Down East
Joseph Albany, Jr. Memorial Fund
Make a Wish Foundation
St. Egbert Catholic School
Tag A Giant
The Bridge Downeast
West Carteret High School
West Carteret High School Band