Operation North State Receives $5,000

Giving back to veterans and wounded warriors is what Operation North State is all about.

There were more than three hundred people fishing and hanging out on the pier.

What is unique about this event is all the wounded warriors and disabled veterans were able to bring their friends and family with them.
Retired US Air Force veteran Jim Kiger said he loves fishing, but also spending time with the others he served with. “This is one of those things that we do as ya know brothers in arms. We get together we just have a great time. Every couple of weeks, every couple months we get together all over the state and this is what we do. We fish we see each other, what a wonderful way to spend time together,” Kiger said.
This festival was free for the veterans and families to attend.

One of the organizers said this is only one of many other events Operation North State has throughout the year.