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We are SUPER excited to release the official 21st Annual KWLA Tournament art, titled “Not Your Average Guy” by Elizabeth & co.!

Growing up on the vibrant waterways of the South Carolina Lowcountry has afforded KWLA Artist, Beth Melton-Seabrook, the luxury of the most incredible inspirations that range from the egret’s graceful steps along a creek bank to the fin flash of a colorful billfish rising through the deeper currents. Beth’s work pays homage to the diverse coastal life and the lush green and golden marsh and woodlands that surrounded her childhood and continue to captivate her attention. She thrives on combining the unexpected use of ordinary objects with the natural beauty of local scenery and wildlife.

When she isn’t creating in her home studio, Beth can be found enjoying the beaches, trails and waterways of her coastal hometown by way of bike, kayak or stand-up paddle board or hiking the hills of the nearby North Carolina mountains all with her trusty canine companion-Roxie. She lives, paints, scavenges for surfaces, and generally enjoys life in a coastal town outside of Charleston, SC with her very helpful Hubby, 4 daughters, 3 felines, and one very energetic pup!

This piece in particular, “Not Your Average Guy”, was created by laying down several abstract layers of colors and textures then coaxing the marlin image out by use of negative space-the area around the image is filled in to reveal the marlin. Beth’s favorite surface to create on is a recycled one.  The surface for this piece is a salvaged cabinet door.  With all the renovating and upgrading that goes on to structures in the area, there is a surplus of kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.  These cast-off doors make for the perfect painting surface!

We are thrilled to have Beth on board with us for the 21st Annual Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament!

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