KWLA Tournament Rule UPDATE!

A released billfish will be awarded 125 points. If the team provides indisputable video or photo evidence that the released billfish is a blue marlin, the team will be awarded 400 points.

This is the same rule that the Big Rock Tournament adopted in 2017 for blue marlin verification.

RULE 12. RELEASE POINTS: A cash prize will be awarded to the boat that scores the most number of points first.

125 Release Points will be awarded:

  1. For all billfish including blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, hatchet marlin and spearfish and
  2. When mate touches the leader before the fish is released and
  3. Team turns in a release form provided by the Tournament Committee attested to by signature of the captain and mate or angler on board the boat at the time of the release. This form may be submitted to the OFFICIAL WEIGH MASTER AT TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS or submitted electronically.

Release forms must be turned in no later than 10:00 p.m. on Saturday to qualify. Other than blue marlin, billfish forms may also be photographed and emailed to If you do not receive an email confirmation, please call tournament headquarters to confirm. In the event of ties, the first boat to achieve the winning totals shall be declared the winners.

400 Release Points will be awarded:

  1. Blue Marlin if the team provides indisputable video or photo evidence to the Rules Committee. To qualify for the 400 points, teams must turn in a Release Form in person along with the SD Card, Micro SD Card or Compact Flash Card from their camera. Forms and Media Cards can be turned in at the Official Weigh Station in Morehead City. The Media Card and Release Form must be turned in no later than 10:00 p.m. on Saturday to qualify. The Media Card must show continuous video or a clear single photo of the mate touching the leader and clear and indisputable evidence responsibility of the participants to ensure that their camera’s Clock/Date is set accurately to reflect the time and date of the Releases to qualify for the 400 points. All videos will become property of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. If the rules committee is unable to see indisputable evidence that the fish is a blue marlin, the release will be scored at 125 points. The tournament will NOT allow photos or video from cell phones. Date and time stamp must be 100% accurate.

KWLA Tournament Rules & Registration