Charitable Giving Reaches $4,909,791

The Big Rock Board of Directors and its Charity Committee have committed to a core group of charities in the community to receive consistent funding from the tournament. The entire process is driven by the fit between Big Rock’s five-point mission statement and the destination of the charitable funds. In addition to these yearly donations, the board also reviews new larger impact community projects. The donations are funded by the success of the tournament, our sponsors and retail sales.

In 2017 the Big Rock Board was able to contribute to their annual core donations but also fund additional needs within these core charities and beyond. The Salvation Army kicked off their capital campaign for a new building and Big Rock donated the seed fund of $262,500 just before the 2017 tournament began. Various Carteret County School donations for labs, special leadership programs and playground equipment totaled $37,200. In addition, the board will donate $200,000 this spring for the Domestic Violence Center’s new facility. These and other donations to our community and state are the basis of what Big Rock tournament stands for and total over $600,000 from last year’s event!!

Last year the Keli Wagner Big Rock Lady Angler Tournament (KWLA) was sponsored by ALEXSEAL YACHT COATINGS and held on Saturday June 10, 2017. A whopping tournament record of 144 boats participated and the Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament donated $25,000 to the RAAB Oncology Clinic. Donations to the clinic since 2005, total over $278,916. Overall, the ladies tournament has donated a total of $324,416 since it began in 1998. Way to go ladies!!

The tournament is very proud of its past contributions totaling $4,909,791 after the 2017 tournament. This year’s Tournament Charity Committee consists of Tom Bennett, Chairman, Dale Britt, Richard Crowe, Curtis Strange and Caroline Henry.