That’s a wrap on the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament! 266 boats competed for a record breaking purse of $5,858,875. MERCENARIA claimed the top prize of $3,489,813, an industry record after securing $777,750 in the Fabulous Fishermans division + the Super 20 division worth $1,156,000 for the 572.6lb. fish caught on Day 1 of the tournament. WALL HANGER’S Lady Angler, Stacy Allen claimed 2nd Place for her $556.4lb. Blue Marlin, earning her team $426,288. HIGH YIELD landed in 3rd Place with a 536.8lb. catch taking home $283,525.

CAROLINA TIME captured the Dolphin WTA Division with a 54.1lb. bull worth $527,000. REEL TIME weighed a 43.0lb dolphin today claiming their spot as the 2nd Place Dolphin overall winner.

SPECULATOR’S 104.7lb Wahoo won the weekly prize of $5,000. FISHY BUSINESS slid into second place weighing a 66.4lb Wahoo this afternoon.

DESPERADO claimed the Tuna weekly division worth $5,000 for their impressive 131.2lb. catch. FLY N FISH gave the Desperado a run for their money weighing in a hefty 121.1lb. monster this afternoon.

SAFARI won the weekly Level VIII Release Division worth $112,625 + 75,082 (daily release prize money) taking home a grand total of $187,707. CUERVOS captured the Day 6 release prize worth $37,541 for two blue marlin releases.

IRENE claimed the Level IX Non Sonar Release Division earning $129,625 + $42,854 totaling $172,479 in overall prize money. CUERVOS claimed an additional $42,854 in daily release money for Day 6 of the tournament.

PELAGIC HUNTER II showed up and showed out by claiming the Outboard division going home with $42,500.

REEL TIME weighed the heaviest dolphin of the day at 43.0lbs, taking the $2,000 daily prize and claiming the second place spot for the week! INSPIRATION weighed a 19.6lb dolphin taking second place for the day and the $1,000 prize money.

​​FISHY BUSINESS took the lead today with their 66.4lb. wahoo, bumping LADY DIANNE out of second place overall for the week. This catch earned them the $2,000 daily prize. PARI followed in second after weighing in a 27.4lb. wahoo, taking home $1,000.

As the week comes to a close, we would like to thank our Participants, Sponsors, and Supporters for making the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament the BEST Tournament in the WORLD.


139 of 266 boats competed on Day 5 of the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, presented by Jarrett Bay Boatworks. The fleet racked up 14 Blue Marlin, 5 White Marlin, and 8 Sailfish releases.

Another Big Rock Big Hero saw the scales! JOB SITE weighs the heaviest dolphin of the day with a hero on deck. Petty Officer Darren McLaughlin, experienced the catch of a lifetime with the Farrior Family, releasing one blue marlin. The crew brought a 32.2lb dolphin claiming the $2,000 purse. MACK 900 scored the Gregory Poole First Release of the day worth $5,000 AND brought a 25.1lb. dolphin to the scales earning an additional $1,000.

APRIL MAE made their way to Big Rock Landing with a 50.2lb. Wahoo. The catch wasn’t enough to make the overall leaderboard, but it earned the team $2,000 and a nice dinner. PELAGIC made their mark on the daily wahoo leaderboard with a 42.3lb catch worth $1,000.

SAFARI climbed into second place in the release division with 2 Blue Marlin & a Sailfish release. This makes the second day in a row that they’ve claimed the Level VIII: Daily Release prize worth $37,541. In total, the team has 2,250 release points. In the Level IX: Non Sonar Division, REDEMPTION claimed the daily purse of $42,854 for a Blue Marlin and Sailfish release.

MERCENARIA, WALL HANGER, and HIGH YIELD remain the top three leaders. 162 of 266 boats are qualified to fish tomorrow. Could we see a leaderboard shakeup!?

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255 of 266 boats competed on Day 4 of the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, presented by Jarrett Bay Boatworks. The fleet racked up 38 Blue Marlin, 23 White Marlin, 1 Spearfish and 3 Sailfish releases. HAPHAZARD captured the Gregory Poole Marline First Release of the Day earning them $5,000 right off-the-bat for a White Marlin released at 9:14AM.

IRENE captured the Level IX: Non-Sonar Release prize worth $42,854.17, taking the lead in that division’s weekly release points. If they hold on to their spot, they could take home an additional $129,625.

SAFARI claimed the Level VIII Daily Release prize worth $37,541.67. WAVE PAVER still leads that division with a projected payout of $111,562.5.

CAROLINA TIME dominated the scales with a 54.1lb. dolphin. They are currently in the lead in the Dolphin Winner Take All division with a payout of $527,000. MEMORIES landed in 2nd Place for the Daily Dolphin prize worth $1,000.

DOC FEES captured $2,000 for a 48.7lb Wahoo. SALLY GIRL brought in a 46.3lb. ‘Hoo earning $1,000.

2 Blue Marlin were brought to the scales. MISS WY drew a crowd to Big Rock Landing as they weighed a 454.1lb. BM. Angler, Robert Rodelsperger, is the father of the young, but talented Big Rock KIDS Tournament artist, Allie Rodelsperger.

BREAKWATER’S 427.8lb. fish didn’t make the leaderboard but it did pump the crowd up at the scales!


230 of 266 boats fished on Day 3 of the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament presented by Jarrett Bay Boatworks. The hefty fleet racked up 34 Blue Marlin, 11 White Marlin, and 5 Sailfish. LIGHTS OUT captured the Gregory Poole Marine First Release of the day earning them $5,000 within the first 30 minutes of fishing.

The 64’ Jarrett Bay, BUILDER’S CHOICE brought the only Blue Marlin to the scales. The 479.7lbs fish didn’t make the leaderboard, but it was the experience of a lifetime for Big Rock Big Hero Matthew Michalowicz. Special thanks to Salt Life and the Huddle family for welcoming our hero.

STREAM WEAVER captured the Level VIII Daily Release prize worth $37,541.67. The crew also deployed an IGFA satellite tag that will track the Marlin’s movement for the next 240 days. The data will then be interpreted by researchers at Stanford University to further conservation efforts.

ROYAL FLUSH claimed the Level IX Non-Sonar Release prize worth $42,854,17.

Country music star Walker Hayes kicked off Gamefish weigh-ins at Big Rock Landing- presented by Beaufort Hotel. DESPERADO rocked the scales with their 131.2lb Yellowfin Tuna – the first tuna to hit the scales in this year’s tournament! If the fish holds on, they could potentially walk away with $7,000 in prize money.

OFFSHORE III brought a 27.7lb Dolphin to the scales, earning them $2,000. WASABI landed 2nd in the daily Mahi division. J&B’S 29.5lb catch remains in the lead for the Dolphin WTA prize of $527,000.

LADY DIANNE brought their lady angler, Lauren Good, to the scales with an impressive 54.8lb Wahoo. The outboard-powered WIRED ASSETS brought in a 20.7lb Wahoo, claiming $1,000 in daily prize money.

MERCENARIA remains in 1st Place with their 572.6lb Marlin potentially worth $3,489,813.

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38 of 266 boats competed on Day 2 of the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, presented by Jarrett Bay Boatworks. The small fleet racked up 12 Blue Marlin releases and 3 White Marlin releases. SEA TOY captured the Gregory Poole Marline First Release of the Day earning them $5,000 right off-the-bat for a Blue Marlin released at 10:06AM.

CAROLINA GIRL captured the Level IX: Non-Sonar Release prize worth $42,854.17, taking the lead in that division’s weekly release points. If they hold on to their spot, they could take home an additional $129,625.

SPECULATOR claimed the Level VIII Daily Release prize worth $37,541.67 for 2 Blue Marlin Releases. The 92ft Viking turned heads at Big Rock Landing as they weighed a 104.7lb Wahoo worth an instant $2,000. We’re speculating that angler Rob Leerienk’s catch will be the largest gamefish we see during the tournament.

J&B slid into 1st Place in the Dolphin Division with at 29.5lb Mahi claiming the $2,000 daily jackpot. OCEANSTINGER landed in 2nd Place for the Daily Dolphin prize worth $1,000. Will J&B’S catch hang on throughout the week? The Dolphin WTA prize of $527,000 could be anyones!

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That’s a wrap on day one of the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament presented by Jarrett Bay Boatworks. 266 boats entered for their shot at the record breaking $5,858,87 purse. Of the 266, 246 boats fished today. The fleet racked up 47 released today: 32BM, 13WM, 2SF. The scales saw 28 gamefish and 5 blue Marlin.

MERCENARIA brought in the first blue marlin weigh-in at 572.6lbs. Earning them the prestigious Fabulous Fisherman title and $777,750! If that fish holds on to 1st place throughout the week, the crew could walk away with $3,489,813— An industry record payout!

After a 7 hour battle WALLHANGER arrived at Big Rock Landing with a 556.4lb blue Marlin stealing second place. Lady angler Stacy Alan and her crew are looking at a potential $426,288 payout if the fish holds on.

High yield’s Bernard Linney weighed a 536.8lb Marlin landing them the 3rd place spot.

BAD HABIT 526.7lb fish was brought to the scale by another lady angler Jennifer Miller. SYLVA LINING made their first appearance at Big Rock with a 401.3lb fish. Though both fish were impressive, they didn’t claim a spot on the leaderboard.

WAVE PAVER claimed the 37,541.67 Level VIII daily prize for releasing four Blue Marlin worth 1600 pts. REEL CURRENT claims day 1 of the level IX Non-Sonar Release purse raking in $42,854.17 for their Blue Marlin release.

Excitement was in the AIR as Michael Jordan brought the bulls to Big Rock Landing. FLY IN FISH scored $2,000 for their 28.2lb dolphin. YELLOWFIN slid in at second place taking home $1,000.

The 54ft Jarret Bay, FREQUENT FLYER , brought the heaviest gamefish of the day: a 36.6lb Wahoo worth $2,000. DIRTY MARTINI earned $1,000 for their 24.3lb Wahoo.


THAT’S A WRAP on the RECORD-BREAKING 25th Annual Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament presented by Truist! 215 boats & 800 lady anglers competed for their piece of the $318,750 purse. CAN DO TOO is the WINNER with 2 Blue Marlin releases worth 800pts and $108,800! 2nd Place goes to MJ’S for releasing 2 Blue Marlin earning them $24,225. ALL IN takes 3rd place worth an impressive $16,150 for releasing 2 White Marlin + 1 Blue.

WET DREAM captured Level II: Dolphin WTA sponsored by Parker Boats, for a payday of $104,973 for the 42.8lb. dolphin. DUN-RITE’S 26.7lb. Dolphin landed in second place earning the team $10,766.

REBELLIOUS FISH brought a massive 67.0lb. Wahoo to the Weighstation, sponsored by Linda Rike Real Estate, earning the team $16,148. SEA STRIKER didn’t go home empty handed, their 53.4lb. Wahoo was worth $10,766.

The ladies of the Capt. Stacy, chartered by the Delta Health Foundation, stole the hearts at Big Rock Landing today. Nearly 40 ladies from the Carteret Healthcare Oncology Center & Cancer Patients had the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the tournament aboard Capt. Stacy.

The 215 boats racked up 50 releases + 47 gamefish! WAY TO GO, GIRLS!!

Did you have fun? Prove it! Tag us in your photos on social media @kwlatournament OR reply to this email.



MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. — The Big Rock Tournament returns June 10th – 19th for its 64th Annual event in Morehead City, NC, presented by Major Sponsor Jarrett Bay Boatworks. The 2021 tournament was a record year with 270 participating boats, a $4.7 million purse, and the first $1 million annual charitable contribution in tournament history. The Big Rock Tournament is excited to announce three new added-entry-levels to the 64th Annual lineup. In preparation for online registration opening on April 1st, please see the following tournament updates and rule additions for 2022.

As technology and knowledge about the billfish species increase, innovation within the tournament industry is imperative. In response, effective this year, the use of omnidirectional sonar technology will not be permitted before official fishing hours: 9 am to 3 pm, Monday – Saturday.

The Big Rock Board of Directors has created a new category: Level IX- Weekly and Daily Non-Sonar Release. Prize payouts will be awarded for total weekly release points and the overall daily release winner. Entry in this level is restricted to boats without omnidirectional sonar technology -or- boats equipped with, but choose not to use omnidirectional sonar technology. Boats may have the choice to enter Level VIII Weekly and Daily Release, Level IX Weekly and Daily Non-Sonar Release, or both. If entered in Level IX Non-Sonar Release, the use of omnidirectional sonar technology is not permitted at any time during the tournament.

The Big Rock is eager to introduce Level VI Super 20 Winner-Take-All, sponsored by ED Cure, to the list of newly added entry levels this year. The Super 20 category is a $20,000 calcutta for the largest qualifying blue marlin. Qualifying fish must meet all tournament minimums and regulations. Boats must be entered in Levels I, II, III, IV, and V to participate in the super-category. Projecting 50 entries, the estimated payout for Level VI Super 20 WTA is $850,000. Based on 2021 entries, if entered in Levels I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, the winning team’s payout would total $3.36 million, an industry record.

The increased popularity of the Outboard Division led the Big Rock Board of Directors to create an additional Winner-Take-All Release level exclusively for Outboard participants. Boats must enter Level X Outboard 50/30/20 to participate in the Level XI Outboard WTA Release category. An entry fee of $1,000 and a projected 20 entries would produce a potential $17,000 payout for the new Outboard Release WTA Level, sponsored by Mercury.

As we enter a new generation of sportfishing with ever-changing technology and higher stakes competition, The Big Rock Tournament’s mission to raise funds for deserving charitable organizations prevails. The tournament strongly encourages participants to familiarize themselves with the updated rules and divisions as online registration begins on April 1st.

Download the full set of 2022 Big Rock rules here.

For further clarification, please visit or contact Executive Director, Madison Struyk— (252) 725-1568,

CLICK HERE to watch the 2022 Tournament Updates & Additions Highlight Video 




Due to the forecast for Saturday, June 11th, KWLA Tournament participants have the option to fish ONE of two days.

The KWLA Tournament will remain a one-day event with the choice of fishing either Saturday OR Sunday from 8AM to 2PM. You MUST SUBMIT A LAYDAY FORM either electronically via the Big Rock App OR in-person at Tournament Headquarters prior to 8AM on the day declared as non-fishing.

Fishing days and times will count as one day, eliminating any advantage to fishing on Saturday.

KWLA Participants must register before Saturday morning to be eligible to fish either day. If you plan to fish on Sunday, your registration must be submitted with payment prior to 8AM on Saturday, June 11th.

RULE #3 UPDATE: No lines or teasers are permitted in the water before official fishing hours. The use of omnidirectional sonar technology will not be permitted before official fishing hours. Official fishing hours are 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. This is a two-day billfish release/gamefish tournament scheduled for June 11th-12th, 2022. A boat may fish one of two days, captain’s choice. Official time will be GPS time. Fish hooked prior to or after fishing hours are not eligible. Fishing days and times will count as one day, eliminating any advantage to fishing on Saturday. Lay Day forms may be submitted in person at the Big Rock Office or by using your Big Rock App account. Lay Day forms must be submitted prior to 8 a.m. on the day declared as a non-fishing day. There will be no exceptions on time. If a boat does not declare a day as non-fishing, the Tournament Committee will automatically count the day as a fishing day for the boat.


Questions?! Contact Carlee Sharpe (919) 801-8346 or Madison Struyk (252) 725-1568



Online Registration is now OPEN for both the 64th Annual Big Rock and 25th Annual KWLA Tournament(s). Simply log into the Reel Time Apps account associated with the boat you wish to register and complete the required form elements. Ensure all information is accurate, select entry levels and apply payment. When submitting registration online, you may choose to pay via credit card (2.75% processing fee applied) or mail-in / drop off payment. If you choose to mail-in your payment, please do so before June 1st. Payment may be mailed or dropped of to Big Rock Headquarters- 710 Evans Street, Morehead City, NC. We strongly encourage all participants to register online. 

Additional entry levels may be added online after initial registration is submitted by logging back into account or by visiting us at Big Rock HQ. Seabags and participant shirts will be available for pickup starting June 1st, 2022. Teams may also update boat photos, edit crew members and add anglers via their app account.

If you have any questions or are experiencing technical difficulties please contact,
– For Big Rock registration assistance: Madison Struyk, (252) 725-1568
– For KWLA Registration assistance: Carlee Sharpe, (919) 801-8346

To download 2022 Big Rock Rules, click here
To view 2022 Big Rock Entry Levels + Payouts, click here