The Big Rock Board of Directors and its Charity Committee are pleased to announce that the organization’s annual charitable contribution will total $1 Million for the first time in tournament history.

“After a record-breaking fleet of 270 boats participating in this year’s tournament, we are extremely excited about the continued tradition of ‘Charity First’ with local charities receiving in excess of 1 Million dollars.” exclaimed Big Rock Board of Directors President, Emery Ivey. 

In addition to contributing over $100,000 to its ten core charities, the Big Rock is able to donate $868,500 to larger impact campaigns. 91% of the contributions will benefit Carteret County specifically. Recipients include a variety of community improvement projects, marine conservation initiatives, and education programs. 

To date, Big Rock has donated more than $900,000 to Carteret County Public Schools and is thrilled to present the Big Rock Teaching Fellows Program. The program will provide scholarships to Carteret County graduates that wish to pursue a career in education, in agreement that they will return to Carteret County to teach after receiving their college degree. 

The Keli Wagner Lady Angler (KWLA) Tournament will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in June 2022. Since 1998, the ladies-only tournament has contributed $425,000 to Carteret Health Care Cancer Center for patient comfort and care. 

Proceeds from the First Annual Big Rock Kids Billfish Tournament will benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain. 

From Big Rock’s first recorded donation of $17,000 in 1986, to today, 35 years later where the total contributions reach $7,567,448,  we are humbled by our beginnings and honored to serve the community that devotedly supports us.

“Today is another milestone day in the storied history of The Big Rock Tournament.  Being able to provide $1,000,000 in charitable giving today is made possible by the commitment of our participants, the loyalty and generosity of our sponsors, and the dedication of our staff and board members.  As always, we are excited to see these gifts go to work right here in our community for the benefit of so many groups and individuals.” commented Charity Committee Chairman, Tommy Bennett. 

To many, Big Rock is just a summertime festivity or a t-shirt in the closet, but to our community and the recipients of these charitable contributions, it is much more. Our sincerest appreciation goes to each and every sponsor, participant, and retail customer. 

For more information please visit or contact Executive Director, Madison Struyk. 

Austin Veterinary Outreach$10,000.00
Autism Society$10,000.00
Beaufort Middle School$77,000.00
Bridge Downeast$40,000.00
Broad and Gales Creek Comm$23,000.00
Carteret Community College$100,000.00
Carteret County Public School$200,000.00
East Carteret High School – Wrestling$25,000.00
Family Promise$48,000.00
Gramercy Christian School$30,000.00
Hope Is Alive Ministries$25,000.00
Hunt of Lifetime$14,000.00
Make a Wish$15,000.00
NC State University$21,500.00
Town of Morehead City$72,000.00
Tag A Giant – Ocean Foundation$55,000.00
Tip of the Spear$50,000.00
AB Sea Turtle Project$20,000.00
First Baptist Church In Memory Of$5,000.00
Big Rock Fall Ball$3,000.00
Boy Scouts – East Carolina Council$7,500.00
Broad Street Clinic$7,500.00
History Place$7,500.00
Hope Mission$7,500.00
Martha’s Mission$7,500.00
NCSU – Research$10,000.00
NC Symphony$17,000.00
Station Club$7,500.00
KWLA – Carteret Health Care$25,000.00
BIGROCK KIDS – Boys and Girls Club$25,000.00
Board Member Discretionary$27,000.00
TOTAL 2021 CONTRIBUTION$1,000,000.00