That’s a wrap on day one of the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament presented by Jarrett Bay Boatworks. 266 boats entered for their shot at the record breaking $5,858,87 purse. Of the 266, 246 boats fished today. The fleet racked up 47 released today: 32BM, 13WM, 2SF. The scales saw 28 gamefish and 5 blue Marlin.

MERCENARIA brought in the first blue marlin weigh-in at 572.6lbs. Earning them the prestigious Fabulous Fisherman title and $777,750! If that fish holds on to 1st place throughout the week, the crew could walk away with $3,489,813— An industry record payout!

After a 7 hour battle WALLHANGER arrived at Big Rock Landing with a 556.4lb blue Marlin stealing second place. Lady angler Stacy Alan and her crew are looking at a potential $426,288 payout if the fish holds on.

High yield’s Bernard Linney weighed a 536.8lb Marlin landing them the 3rd place spot.

BAD HABIT 526.7lb fish was brought to the scale by another lady angler Jennifer Miller. SYLVA LINING made their first appearance at Big Rock with a 401.3lb fish. Though both fish were impressive, they didn’t claim a spot on the leaderboard.

WAVE PAVER claimed the 37,541.67 Level VIII daily prize for releasing four Blue Marlin worth 1600 pts. REEL CURRENT claims day 1 of the level IX Non-Sonar Release purse raking in $42,854.17 for their Blue Marlin release.

Excitement was in the AIR as Michael Jordan brought the bulls to Big Rock Landing. FLY IN FISH scored $2,000 for their 28.2lb dolphin. YELLOWFIN slid in at second place taking home $1,000.

The 54ft Jarret Bay, FREQUENT FLYER , brought the heaviest gamefish of the day: a 36.6lb Wahoo worth $2,000. DIRTY MARTINI earned $1,000 for their 24.3lb Wahoo.