There are 174 participants

  • "C" Escape
    Ocean Yacht 48'
    Durham, NC
    Owner: JA Downey Management LLC
    Captain: Allen Downey
  • 18 Reeler
    Viking 82'
    Thomasville, NC
    Owner: David S. Congdon
    Captain: Kurtz Klinefelter
  • Accordingly IV
    Viking 76'
    Jacksonville, NC
    Owner: Accordingly II LLC
    Captain: Peter DuBose
  • All In
    Buddy Davis Express 38'
    Cary, NC
    Owner: Danny Williams
    Captain: Danny Williams
  • All Southern
    Cavalier 53'
    Swansboro, NC
    Owner: All Southern LLC
    Captain: Chip Williford
  • Angler
    Spencer 59'
    Wilmington, NC
    Owner: Angler's Edge Inc.
    Captain: Tim Day
  • Anita Jean
    Winter Custom 64'
    Kinston, NC
    Owner: Peter Watson
    Captain: Peter Watson
  • Ann Warrick
    Paul Mann '76
    Midlothian, VA
    Owner: Linwood Lacy
    Captain: Brad Diaz
  • Annie O
    Guthrie 60'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: NBS Properties LLC
    Captain: Brad Sutton
  • Artemis
    Sea Island 50'
    Charleston, SC
    Owner: John Darby
    Captain: Legare Smith
  • Ashley Lauren
    Ricky Scarbourough 46'
    Clayton, NC
    Owner: Island Adventures
    Captain: Mark Annis
  • Ava D
    Custom 61'
    Havelock, NC
    Owner: Jerry A. Jackson
    Captain: Jerry A. Jackson
    JIM SMITH 53'
  • Bad Becky
    East Bay Boatworks 48'
    Charleston, SC
    Owner: Bad Becky, LLC
    Captain: Chase Merriman
  • Bad Habit
    Hatteras 54'
    Duck Key, FL
    Owner: John Steele
    Captain: John Steele II
  • Bank Walker
    Sportsman 60'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Bryant Montague
    Captain: Bryant Montague
  • Bare Bones
    Jersey Devil 36'
    Wake Forest, NC
    Owner: William A. Konkle III
    Captain: William A. Konkle III
  • Bill Chaser II
    Viking 57'
    Salisbury, NC
    Owner: Brandon Dietz
    Captain: Brandon Dietz
  • Bill Collector
    Jarrett Bay 51'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Draughon Ent Inc.
    Captain: Stephen Draughon
  • Bird Dog
    Layton 40'
    Southern Pines, NC
    Owner: Tom Vicars
    Captain: Tom Vicars
  • Bizzy B
    World Cat 33'
    Kinston, NC
    Owner: Rob Bizzell
    Captain: Rob Bizzell
  • Blow "N" Smoke
    Wellcraft 25'
    Stantonsburg, NC
    Owner: Jane Stokes
    Captain: Johnnie M. Brock
  • Blue Eyes
    Shearline 57'
    Emerald Isle, NC
    Owner: Billy and Terri Farrington
    Captain: Billy Farrington
  • Blue Water
    Buddy Harris 54'
    Greenville, NC
    Owner: Jimmy Hite
    Captain: Jimmy Hite
  • Bluefin
    Bruno-Stillman 42'
    Hatteras, NC
    Owner: Charles Parker
    Captain: Paul Volland
  • Bootlegger
    Guthrie 60'
    Sophia, NC
    Owner: Jimmy Canoy
    Captain: Jimmy Canoy
  • Box Office
    Grady White 33'
    Cary, NC
    Owner: Joe Elphick
    Captain: Joe Elphick
  • Builders' Choice
    Jarrett Bay 64'
    New Bern, NC
    Owner: Harris Huddle
    Captain: Harris Huddle
  • Bullfrog
    Duffy 35'
    Buxton, NC
    Owner: Bob Eakes
    Captain: Bob Eakes
  • Callie Girl
    Spencer 60'
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Owner: Callie Girl Charters LLC
    Captain: Gregg Middleton
  • Can Do Too
    Viking 52'
    Stuart, FL
    Owner: Sid Gold
    Captain: Paul Cameron
  • Carolina Girl
    Jarrett Bay 53'
    Movock, NC
    Owner: Myjestic "Jessie" Anderson
    Captain: Myjestic "Jessie" Anderson
  • Carolina Lady
    Viking 50'
    Fayetteville, NC
    Owner: Carolina Lady Charters, LLC
    Captain: Fred Willis
  • Carolina Time
    Gwaltney 55'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Reel Partners Sportfishing LLC
    Captain: Shane Brafford
  • Carterican
    Gwaltney 57'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Carterican LLC
    Captain: Lee Smith
  • Catbaby
    Albemarle 36'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Randy Hoft
    Captain: Jon Henry
  • Chaser
    Island Boat Works 48'
    Frisco, NC
    Owner: Cathy Holcom
    Captain: Jeffrey Quidley
  • Compromise
    Paul Mann 65'
    Charleston, SC
    Owner: Robert Hood
    Captain: Larry Branham
  • Conference Room
    Regulator 28'
    Cary, NC
    Owner: Ben Hervey
    Captain: Ben Hervey
  • Coverage
    Sportsman 61'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Jim Holmes
    Captain: Hunter Blount
  • Dancin' Outlaw
    C & L 56'
    Summerfield, NC
    Owner: Crystal Coast Charters
    Captain: Thomas Wood
  • Cap-N-Squid Boatworks 58'
    Atlantic Beach, NC
    Owner: Donald Lane
    Captain: Donald Lane
  • Deep Blue
    BD 52'
    Clayton, NC
    Owner: RRT Development
    Captain: Josh Reason
  • Deep End
    Luhrs 58'
    Snow Hill, NC
    Owner: Mike Lancaster
    Captain: Jake Lancaster
  • Delta Dawn
    IBW 57'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Pete Manuel
    Captain: Pete Manuel
  • Diamond Girl
    Spencer 61'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Clyde Bailey
    Captain: Gabe Soriente
  • Double 07
    Chadwick 61'
    Angier, NC
    Owner: Kathy Stancil
    Captain: Freddie Stancil
  • Double B
    Winter 62'
    Greenville, NC
    Owner: Harry Smith
    Captain: Harry Smith
  • Dropped Call
    Regulator 41'
    Newport, NC
    Owner: Bryan Leach
    Captain: Bryan Leach
  • Dun-Rite
    Jarrett Bay 57'
    Winterville, NC
    Owner: Derek Dunn
    Captain: Mark Moye
  • El Cazador
    Scarborough 85'
    Quitman, TX
    Owner: Sail Ricks
    Captain: Michael Kennedy
  • Energizer
    Harris Craft 46'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Pete Zook
    Captain: Daniel Monette
  • Contender 35'
    Summerville, SC
    Owner: Jack Bracewell
    Captain: Jack Bracewell
  • Eye Catcher
    Garlington 61'
    Clayton, NC
    Owner: Ray Hales
    Captain: Burrows Smith
  • EZ Boy
    Winter 40'
    Trinity, NC
    Owner: Van Pierce
    Captain: Van Pierce
  • Feet First
    Blackwell 58'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Feet First Charters
    Captain: Gene Ward
  • Fin Addict
    Hatteras Slane
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Mark Chesnick
    Captain: Harold Amick
  • Fin Planner
    Custom Carolina 58'
    Zebulon, NC
    Owner: Mark Fortier
    Captain: Chris Gornell
  • Fishbone
    Island Boat Works 65'
    Islamorada, FL
    Owner: Thomas D. Arnot
    Captain: William Chapman
  • Fixation
    Viking 48'
    Greenville, NC
    Owner: Chris Hasty
    Captain: Jay Blount
  • Floar Plan
    Gary Davis 53'
    Goldsboro, NC
    Owner: Anthony Floars
    Captain: Brent Gaskill
  • Fowl Hooked
    Garlington 61'
    Camden, SC
    Owner: Ron Prestage
    Captain: Ron Prestage
  • Frayed Knot
    Chadwick 59'
    Yonges Island, SC
    Owner: R.B. Corbin
    Captain: Rusty Corbin
  • Free Spool
    Viking 50'
    Ocean Isle Beach, NC
    Owner: Dan McRainey
    Captain: Pete Nelson
  • Freestyle
    Blackwell 61'
    Chesapeake, VA
    Owner: Kenny Lindauer
    Captain: Kenny Sexton
  • Full Choke
    Jarrett Bay 38'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Adam Shack
    Captain: Will Ross
  • Full Pull
    Croswait 57'
    New Charleston, SC
    Owner: DG II
    Captain: Ryan Riggs
  • Shearline 35'
    Goldsboro, NC
    Owner: Gambler Sportfishing, LLC
    Captain: Neil Hine
  • Game On
    Spencer 66'
    Columbia, SC
    Owner: Sea Hunt Boat Co.
    Captain: Trey McMillan
  • Gamekeeper
    Core Sound 55'
    Wilmington, NC
    Owner: UKenFish LLC
    Captain: Ken Upton
  • Genetic Disorder
    Viking 55'
    Beaufort, NC
    Owner: TD LLC
    Captain: Bill DIller
  • Goin In Deep
    Viking 70
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Owner: Larry Hess
    Captain: Mike King
  • Gold-N-Fish
    Jersey Cape 36'
    Carolina Beach, NC
    Owner: ANS Investments LLC
    Captain: Josh Perry
  • Goombay
    Weaver 62'
    Kannapolis, NC
    Owner: Terry Young
    Captain: Brian Peele
  • Gryphon
    Hatteras 60'
    Isle of Palms, SC
    Owner: 3 C&M LLC
    Captain: Charles Moore
  • Gypsy Angler
    Jarrett Bay 58'
    Clinton, NC
    Owner: Earl Wells
    Captain: Guy "Porky" Herring
  • Halcyon
    Viking 55'
    Stevensville, MD
    Owner: Halcyon, LLC
    Captain: Andy Bauter
  • Hammer Time
    Spencer 54'
    Charlotte, NC
    Owner: Steve Mozeley
    Captain: Austin Eubank
  • Haphazard
    Holton 61'
    Winston-Salem, NC
    Owner: Hap Royster
    Captain: Joey Belton
  • Hatteras Fever II
    Ricky Scarborough 54'
    Buxton, NC
    Owner: Buddy Hooper "Edgar"
    Captain: Buddy Edgar Hooper
  • Honey Hush
    Spencer 61'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Bob Warren
    Captain: Chuck Lindner
  • Huntress
    Ricky Scarborough 59'
    Goldsboro, NC
    Owner: Huntress Sport Fishing, LLC
    Captain: Max Weaver
  • Inspiration
    Jarrett Bay 55'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Casey Wagner
    Captain: Casey Wagner
  • Islander
    Holton 60'
    Rocky Mount, NC
    Owner: Bobby Schlegel
    Captain: Bobby Schlegel
  • J & B
    Wanchese 55
    Red Springs, NC
    Owner: Robert Bleecker
    Captain: Alan Murray
  • James Joyce II
    Custom Carolina 51'
    Durham, NC
    Owner: James Joyce Property, LLC
    Captain: Troy Pate III
  • Jesus Freak
    48’ Blackwell
    Mechanicsville, VA
    Owner: David Walker
    Captain: David Walker
  • Job Site
    Viking 55'
    Farmville, NC
    Owner: Bill Farrior
    Captain: Bill Farrior
  • Kristi Kay
    Albemarle 32'
    New Bern, NC
    Owner: Mike Truesdale
    Captain: Mike Truesdale
    PURSUIT 35'
    Captain: KEITH LOGAN
  • Let It Ride
    Viking 68'
    Vero Beach, FL
    Owner: Arthur Kontos
    Captain: Edward "Jake" Farley
  • Littlerascal
    Hatteras 45 Express
    New Bern, NC
    Owner: Hatteras Yachts
    Captain: Curtis Josey
  • Maggie
    Davis 47'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: J. Morgan / R. Bryant
    Captain: Randy Bryant
  • Magic Moment
    Jarrett Bay 55'
    Four Oaks, NC
    Owner: Magic Moment Sportfishing, LLC
    Captain: Mike King
  • Mama Who
    Jarrett Bay 77'
    New Orleans, LA
    Owner: Mama Who LLC
    Captain: Ronnie Burbage
  • Marlin Fever
    Jarrett Bay 64'
    Wilson, NC
    Owner: Albert Daniel
    Captain: Cameron Guthrie
  • Marlin Gull
    Buddy Cannady 54'
    Wilmington, NC
    Owner: Michael Feasel
    Captain: Kenny Midgett
  • Marlin Raptor
    Viking 54'
    Miami, FL
    Owner: Moises Roman
    Captain: Hunter Easthope
  • Matador
    Ray Davis SF 42'
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Owner: Jacob Hiles
    Captain: Jacob Hiles
  • Melina
    Bertram 60'
    Morrestown, NJ
    Owner: William G. Burris, Jr.
    Captain: William Frisch
  • Miss Judy
    Atlantic Beach, NC
    Owner: Lacy Henry
    Captain: Parker Henry
  • Miss Wy
    Scarborough 53'
    Greenville, SC
    Owner: Holder Boat LLC
    Captain: Matt Wilkinson
  • Mister Pete
    C & L 58
    Little Mountain, SC
    Owner: Mister Pete, LLC
    Captain: Alan Neiford
  • MJ's
    Ocean 45'
    New Providence, NJ
    Owner: Michael Yocco
    Captain: Capt. Michael Yocco
  • Mjolner
    Viking 70'
    Stuart, FL
    Owner: James A. Smith
    Captain: Eric Wimberly
  • Mollie Whopper
    Merritt 46'
    Beaufort, NC
    Owner: Mollie Whopper LLC
    Captain: Emery Ivey
  • No Problem
    Viking 58'
    N. Myrtle Beach, SC
    Owner: Mark Becker
    Captain: Scott "Goaty" Lawrence
  • Nola Moon
    Bertram 35'
    Pfafftown, NC
    Owner: Carol Simon
    Captain: Randall H. Russell
  • Obsession
    Custom Carolina 55'
    Nags Head, NC
    Owner: Capt. Jeffrey Ross
    Captain: Capt. Jeffrey Ross
  • Office 2
    L&H 33'
    Bald Head Island, NC
    Owner: Bald Head Island Services, Inc.
    Captain: John Munroe
  • Outlaw
    Island Boatworks 57'
    Hatteras, NC
    Owner: Ken Miller
    Captain: Ken Miller
  • Peggy
    Briglia 60'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Doug Abrams
    Captain: Mike Guthrie
  • Pelagic
    Guthrie 61'
    Atlantic Beach, NC
    Owner: Mike Webb
    Captain: Mike Webb
  • Pig Rig
    Caison 60'
    Newton Grove, NC
    Owner: Tommy Herring
    Captain: Tommy Herring
  • Piracy
    Shearline 61'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Curtis & Russell Struyk
    Captain: Chris Russell
  • Pop A Top
    Albemarle 32
    Clayton, NC
    Owner: Kinyo / Riewesthal
    Captain: Jeff Kinyo
  • Prime Time
    Jarrett Bay 53'
    Jacksonville, NC
    Owner: Randy Ramsey
    Captain: Rocky Hardison
  • Purple Pirate
    Rampage 33'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Craig Clark
    Captain: Craig Clark
  • Qualifier
    Paul Mann 57'
    Manteo, NC
    Owner: Fin Gaddy
    Captain: Fin Gaddy
  • Rameseas
    Buddy Cannady 55'
    Wilmington, NC
    Owner: Rameseas LLC
    Captain: Rock Wells
  • Reel Affair
    Wellcraft 33'
    Captain: Jason Harlin
  • Reel Country
    Buddy Harris 58'
    Oxford, NC
    Owner: Mark Ellington
    Captain: Casey Fiorini
  • Reel Easy
    Jarrett Bay 55'
    New Bern, NC
    Owner: The Doghouse at Sea LLC
    Captain: Ralph Griffin
  • Reel Quick
    Jarrett Bay 64'
    Fayetteville, NC
    Owner: Carroll Thomas
    Captain: Brian Maready
  • Reelin Feelin
    Viking 61'
    North Wildwood, NJ
    Owner: Adam Youschak
    Captain: Ron Kozlowski
  • Reelist Too
    Buddy Davis Express 44'
    Beaufort, NC
    Owner: Ron Lovings
    Captain: Trapas Pratt
  • Release
    Sullivan 53'
    Hatteras, NC
    Owner: Rom Whitaker
    Captain: Rom Whitaker
  • Royal Flush
    Paul Mann 66'
    Ayden, NC
    Owner: Ron Bowen
    Captain: Pete Zook
  • Run-Off
    Wesmac 42'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Billy Vansciver
    Captain: Brian Harrington
  • Safari
    Garlington 61'
    Whiteville, NC
    Owner: John McNeill
    Captain: Kevin Gaylord
  • Saga
    Ricky Scarbourgh 60'
    Newport News, VA
    Owner: Randy Abbitt
    Captain: Randy Abbitt
  • Sails Pitch
    Contender 39'
    Hampstead, NC
    Owner: Mark Dressler
    Captain: Brian Dressler
  • Salvation
    Omie Tillet 50'
    Fairfield, NC
    Owner: Dare to Hyde LLC
    Captain: Jamin Simmons
  • SandboB
    Viking 66'
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Owner: Bob Moss
    Captain: Norm Welter
  • Sandra D'
    Hudson 58'
    Summerfield, NC
    Owner: Roberto Inchaustegui
    Captain: Mike Merritt
  • Sea Creature
    Core Sounder 58'
    Hatteras, NC
    Owner: Steve Coulter
    Captain: Steve Coulter
  • Sea Striker
    Jarrett Bay 61'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Adrian Holler
    Captain: Adrian Holler
  • Sea Toy
    Spencer 59'
    Dover, DE
    Owner: Dave Wood
    Captain: Bull Tolson
  • Sensation
    Jarrett Bay 53'
    Greenville, NC
    Owner: Michael Rowe
    Captain: Dale Britt
  • Service Call
    Invincible 36'
    Clayton, NC
    Owner: Patrick Overstreet
    Captain: Patrick Overstreet
  • Shenandoah
    Spencer 61'
    New Bern, NC
    Owner: Robert Stallings
    Captain: Alan Willis
  • Singularis
    Bayliss 90
    Singer Island, FL
    Owner: Jeff Citron
    Captain: Jerry Lanzerrotti
  • Skirt Chaser
    Buddy Cannady 55'
    Manteo, NC
    Owner: Barry Daniels
    Captain: Barry Daniels
  • Starflite
    Jarrett Bay 54'
    Beaufort, NC
    Owner: Jarrett Bay Boatworks
    Captain: Joey Johnson
  • Starling Marine
    Contender 39 ST
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Starling Marine
    Captain: David Starling
  • Steel Deal
    Hatteras 36'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Apex Steel Corp.
    Captain: Ron Clemmons
  • Stream Weaver
    Spencer 60'
    Wilmington, NC
    Owner: Rusty Carter
    Captain: Timmy Kidwell
  • Strike 1
    Chadwick 35'
    Harkers Island, NC
    Owner: David Bostic
    Captain: David Bostic
  • Sure Shot
    Grady White 33'
    Atlantic Beach, NC
    Owner: Steve Taylor
    Captain: Steve Taylor
  • Sushi
    Island Boatworks 57'
    Nags Head, NC
    Owner: Charley Pereira
    Captain: Charley Pereira
  • Susie-Q
    Hatteras 50'
    Newport, NC
    Owner: Timothy Rhodes
    Captain: Timothy Rhodes
  • Syked Out
    Viking 56'
    Isle of Palms, SC
    Owner: Dave Sykes
    Captain: Capt. Dan Woody
  • Take Five
    Viking 50'
    Middlesex, NC
    Owner: Van Narron
    Captain: Teak Bell
    Sea Fox 28'
    Garner, NC
    Owner: Mark Schlenker
    Captain: Mark Schlenker
  • Team Animal House
    Wellcraft 35
    Hubert, NC
    Owner: Matt Henderson
    Captain: John Parks
  • Team Parker
    Cape Horn 31'
    Newport, NC
    Owner: Todd Parker
    Captain: Todd Parker
  • The Enigma
    Bertram 54'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Bill Manning
    Captain: Bill Manning
  • The General
    Buddy Cannandy 55'
    Raleigh, NC
    Owner: Charles Schuch LLC
    Captain: Wade Fickling
  • The Rascal
    Hatteras 50'
    Greenville, SC
    Owner: Foster McKissick
    Captain: Mark Rogers
  • Tidal Volume
    True World 28'8
    Greenville, NC
    Owner: Michael Biggerstaff
    Captain: Michael Biggerstaff
  • Top Dog
    BC 60'
    Selbeyville, DE
    Owner: Dickerson Family
    Captain: Todd Dickerson
  • Trial Size
    Caison 64'
    Wilmington, NC
    Owner: G. Phillip David
    Captain: Jackson David
  • TRIPLE 'S'
    Invincible 42'
    Swansboro, NC
    Owner: Todd L. Smith
    Captain: Todd L. Smith
  • Tuna Trappe
    Island Boatworks 57'
    Wrightsville Beach, NC
    Owner: AHG Associates LLC
    Captain: Steve Cramer
  • Viking 72
    Viking 72'
    New Gretna, NJ
    Owner: Viking Yacht Co./Pat Healey
    Captain: Ryan Higgins
  • Wahooii
    Yellowfin 36'
    Athens, GA
    Owner: Wahooii LLC
    Captain: Ormonde Mahoney
  • Waste Knot
    Jarrett Bay 67'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Waste Knot LLC
    Captain: Patrick Kannan
  • We III
    Hatteras 52'
    Fuquay Varina, NC
    Owner: Tim Powell
    Captain: Tim D. Powell
  • Weldor's Ark
    Jarrett Bay 55'
    Greenville, NC
    Owner: John B. Roberts
    Captain: Mike Taylor
  • Whitecaps
    Buddy Davis 52'
    Wilson, NC
    Owner: Steve White
    Captain: Scott Wiggins
  • Widow Maker
    Wellcraft 28'
    Beaufort, NC
    Owner: Joseph Bell
    Captain: Joseph Bell
    Hatteras 39'
    Canterbury, CT
    Owner: Peter G. Kelly, Jr.
    Captain: John Foss
  • Yellowfin
    BC 56'
    Morehead City, NC
    Owner: Fishmore Charters
    Captain: Jeff Garner
  • Yippee Ki Yay
    Yellowfin 36'
    Greenville, NC
    Owner: Bruce Tripp
    Captain: Jeff Tripp