Teachers and students at Gramercy Christian School would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Charity First Foundation for the recent, very generous $5,000 grant for technology upgrades. The grant was used to purchase 2 additional Mimio Boards and 20 tablets for classroom use in our school.

Teachers and students alike have already benefitted from the upgraded technology. Fifth grade teacher Diane Adams stated, “The Mimio Board revolutionizes the way teachers can teach. It allows students to interact and have fun while learning.” In this fast paced, technology driven world, the Mimio Board can even compete with video games and help students enjoy learning new concepts. Mrs. Adams also shared that, “Technology in the classroom can help teachers meet the needs of students with different learning styles, especially those students who may struggle with new, difficult, or abstract ideas.” Third grade teacher April Lawrence agrees, “Students are engaged in the classroom. They are able to participate more fully in their learning which gives them greater ownership and a greater desire to connect with the concepts and make the knowledge their own.”

Most importantly, the students themselves are the key to knowing how the new technology has impacted our school. When asked about the Mimio Board, Gramercy student Charles Bayer said, “I love the Mimio Board because it makes everything more visual and you can see what you are learning about.” Jake Jackson quickly chimed in, “It’s great because it makes what you learn more interactive and exciting.” Harleigh Thomas likes the fact that, “students can actually touch the board and it comes to life while learning.” Perhaps Aly Young said it best, “It’s just COOL!”

Clearly, Gramercy Christian School is better for having been given the amazing opportunity to integrate this new technology into our classrooms. This would not have been possible without the generosity of the fabulous Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Charity First Foundation. Thank you for your support and kindness towards us. Your foundation is truly a blessing.