Dating back over half a century, the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament is steeped in tradition, bringing together the finest fishermen in the world year after year. However, in 2014 tournament officials have revised the Level I rules making it more accessible for fishermen to not only participate, but to win, with their 60 Ways to Win addition.

Dale Britt, Captain of the Sensation, has been fishing and enjoying the Big Rock since 1990. With the new options in Level I, he is excited to see how successful the Big Rock will be in 2014!

"I am not aware of any other tournaments that offer as many opportunities to win, in so many ways, as the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament." says Britt, "For $2,500 a crew of six can eat, drink, enjoy the fishing lifestyle and be surrounded by some of the world's best marlin fishermen for a whole week; that's hard to beat.”
For many, this annual event has become a family tradition enjoyed by generations; however, regardless of how many blue marlin a fisherman hooks, the first is never forgotten.

“Catching your first blue marlin is a game changer,” explains Britt, wishing he’d kept a tally over the years of all his catches, “but each one is special.”
Whether you’re new to the sport, or a veteran fisherman, the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament is offering you a once in a lifetime experience – and thanks to the newest addition, your crew will have 60 Ways to Win this much-anticipated event, joining blue marlin fishing camaraderie.

To register for the 2014 Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament, please visit our Tournament Info page.