The Big Rock board of directors are proud to announce local artist Jack Saylor as the featured artist for the upcoming 55th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. The amazing piece of original art will be auctioned at the Saturday Awards Banquet to raise money for charity and worthy organizations.

“When Jack agreed to be the feature artist for the tournament, the board and I were thanking our lucky stars!”, commented Crystal Hesmer, tournament director. “Jack’s interpretation of life and local scenery is a coveted piece of art that everyone wants to get their hands on and I can’t wait to see who ends up with this incredible art”, she continued.

Big Rock tournament weeks will be June 7-14, 2013. For information contact the Big Rock office at 252-247-3575.

Below is Jack's description of his concept--

This being my first painting of a blue marlin I knew that I wanted to do something dramatic. Like so many ideas for my paintings come to me, this one came right "out of the blue" in a tidal wave of images and emotions. I immediately knew I wanted to charge the atmosphere with a powerful energy yet balance that with a romantically beautiful time of the evening when the colors become so rich and golden and our emotions and imaginations are often enhanced
by the memories of a magical day on the water and a relaxing drink.

I began with the notion of a beautiful yet ominous thunderhead in the near distance (close enough to rattle the nerves). My focus was on the anvil of the
storm which is the part known to drop the lightning "bolts from the blue". Thestorm really set the stage for the rest of the painting. The water which is the deep
blue/green of an early evening sea reflecting a storm sky, heaves and falls filledwith wind energy of the downdrafts and outflow winds from the storm. I was
tempted to paint a lightning bolt coming from the anvil cloud but instead I let thefish become the "bolt" knowing that any seasoned fisherman would look at that cloud and know a bolt could drop at any second.
My next big decision was whether to show the fish hooked up or not.

I decided to show the marlin free jumping versus being hooked up. I wanted this painting to be about the incredible beauty of these fish, their power and their allure. I wanted to portray the blue marlin in its awesome glory and full blooded color.

The title "A Bolt from the Blue" refers to numerous aspects of the painting. First and foremost it suggests the "blue" marlin "bolting" to the surface. It also refers to the fish "bolting" from the "blue" water. Another distinct reference is the potential "bolt from the blue" lightning strike coming from the anvil cloud. The
idea for this painting hit me like a "bolt from the blue" and finally, the very invitation extended to me by the Big Rock to be the official artist this year definitely came like a "bolt from the blue"!

-Jack Saylor