June 22, 2010


After interviewing members of the crew of the fishing vessel “Citation”, review of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament rules, consulting the division of Marine Fisheries as well as the North Carolina Attorney General’s office, it is apparent that there has been a substantial violation of Tournament rules. The Board of Directors has unanimously determined that they have no choice but to disqualify the 883 pound blue marlin caught on June 14, 2010. The rule violation did not involve “dishonesty” or “cheating” on the part of the owners or angler of the “Citation”.

The rule violation involves the “mate” not having a Coastal Recreational Fishing License. This license is required by North Carolina law. It is required by the Tournament as written in our rules. Participants and crew were reminded of the license requirement at the Captains meeting prior to the Tournament. The mate engaged in fishing activities without a valid license and later obtained a license at 5:51 pm while heading to the weigh station. The fish was boated at 3:16 pm.

This is an unfortunate situation for the crew of “Citation” as well as the Tournament itself. For the integrity of the Tournament, Big Rock has no choice but to enforce the rules and disqualify the fish.

Because of this disqualification, The Big Rock Board of Directors declare Carnivore in 1st Place with their 528.3 pound blue marlin and in 2nd Place Wet-N-Wild with their 460 pound blue marlin.

Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Board of Directors-