The KWLA Charity - Raab Oncology Clinic

The Big Rock Board of Directors would like to thank Alexseal Yacht Coatings for once again sponsoring the Keli Wagner Big Rock Lady Angler Tournament . Keli was instumental in all proceeds from the lady’s tournament going to the Raab Clinic specifically for comfort and care of patients. Keli lost her battle with cancer in October 2008, but her glowing spirit and big heart lives on through the Keli Wagner Big Rock Lady Angler Tournament. The Raab Clinic is proud to be the recipient of the Big Rock Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament. Support from the Lady Anglers continues to improve the quality of life for cancer patients receiving services such as medical oncology, chemotherapy and hematology. Patients spend from 30 minutes to six hours or more per visit and may visit daily, weekly or monthly depending on their treatment. All funds donated to the clinic are used soley for patient comfort and care.


The Comfort and Care fund helps to provide the extra touches that focus on patient comfort courtesies. Things such a blanket warmers, individual TVs for patients, a DVD library and relaxation tapes, a new massage chair, a massage therapist who offers foot and chair messages, healthy lunches, a patient computer and projector for education sessions and emergency assistance fund for patients to assist with items that insurance may not cover but are very important to our patients such as wigs, breast forms and lymphadema therapy.


This year extra touches will be added to the waiting room with the help of Dana McQueen; owner and interior decorator of McQueen’s Interiors. With the addition of window treatments, artwork, and a few homey touches, Dana hopes to create a welcoming atmosphere for the patients. She has created a plan that can be implemented now and into the future as the Raab Clinic moves into their new location on the corner of Bridges Street and Penny Lane. Carteret General has targeted the development of a new Cancer Treatment Center that will house the medical oncology and radiation oncology services under one roof. The dream of having a new modern cancer center bringing all cancer services together is now a reality.


It is the through the continued support of the Big Rock Board of Directors and the Keli Wagner Lady Anglers that Comfort and Care of patients remains a priority.